Hanging with Grayson in Uptown the other day was rad

The Bogward 

Milwaukee, WI

Super rad venue we got to play at on tour

It’s always a struggle trying to snag Hannah’s picture

Spyhouse NE 

Minneapolis, MN

Color Corrections?

I’ve been shooting a lot of ektar 100 lately and I love it, but, there was a little bit of a problem on my last roll. The shots were almost to contrasty and saturated. Is there any way I can fix that without taking away quality and more or less not make it ugly? 

LC/WM tour picnic (stranded by a river for six hours)

Really glad to be able to call these dudes my friends. 

Shout out to Vinny for catching me on the pics

Peoria, IL

Saw this old man just hanging out on the sidewalk in his chair, I really liked the sight of his happiness and pride in his town and country. 

The Beanhive

Galesburg, IL

This place rules, the people who work there rule, and I can’t wait to comeback and enjoy there company.


Glory Days Corner Barber Shop

Galesburg, IL

Kyle is very rad dude, let us kick it at his place and provided some rad hospitality. Really happy I got to meet this dude. Hope to see him sometime soon! 

Father Hennepin Bluffs Park w/ graysonhary

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