Messing around with some Vsco presets, still trying to figure them out. Here are a few edits that I started working on for my sisters seinor photos. 


Day 1 - Minneapolis, MN // June 11, 2014

I left Philadelphia that Wednesday the day after my graduation to get on a plane to Minneapolis for my first flight to California. After two hours of the departure time, our plane finally landed in Minnesota around 6:30 P.M where I met Brendan. We drove fifteen minutes to Spyhouse to meet up with Grayson and Lukas, had coffee for nearly ten minutes only to drive fifteen minutes back to the airport to make my 7:47 P.M connecting flight to Los Angeles by just a few minutes… incredible.

50videos50weeks, graysonhary, lukaskinsel

Exploring around the Quad Cities.

A well needed date with my one of my best girls supsmurphs 

Dunn Brothers in Chaska, MN

Frolfing with the dudes jakemissel and peternhep

The homie peternhep

That day I got to hang out with the imfamous tracythnguyen, graysonhary, and Brendan Lauer

(Theses aren’t the sharpest photos I know, but thats because I soon found out later that my lens locking mechanism was loose, bummer right?)

Indie Film Lab

So excited to send out my film to these guys, very curious how the work will turn out! 

Hanging with Grayson in Uptown the other day was rad

The Bogward 

Milwaukee, WI

Super rad venue we got to play at on tour


It’s always a struggle trying to snag Hannah’s picture

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